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“PhotoCalorie is an innovative way to help those struggling to lose weight keep track of calories before they get out of hand. PhotoCalorie beats a food diary and a calorie counter because it combines both functions into one right on your iPhone using a unique visual approach.”

Dr. Caroline Apovian, Director of the Nutrition and Weight Management Center at Boston University Medical Center

“How many calories in that latte? There’s an app for that”

– Boston Globe, January 2010

“PhotoCalorie offers a good estimate of a food’s nutritional information, which is then stored in the user’s food journal, providing proof of what’s really gone down.”

– Boston University Today, March 2010

“The best feature was the novelty of the visual diary.”

– Allison Aubrey, National Public Radio, March 2010

“Despite my mixed feelings about the inherent evil of nutrition labels, I think this application is actually pretty awesome.”

–The Quad, March 2010

PhotoCalorie, LLC chosen as one of “Eleven Massachusetts scientists and budding entrepreneurs… chosen for a new mentoring program that pairs them with seasoned biotechnology professionals for evaluation and advice.”

–Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, May 2010

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