Frequently Asked Questions


Is there anything I can do to speed up my iPhone app?

The best way to speed up the app is to use a Wi-Fi network.

Do I have to take a picture of the food to enter it?

No. You can search for a meal’s nutrition on the search page, then select “Add to Journal”.

What if I don’t want to type in the names of everything I eat before my meal?

Simply take a picture of the food. Later on after your meal, you can add a description to the pictures.

It did not find what I searched for?

Your search term may be too specific. Try using broader description. If eating from a popular food chain (i.e. McDonald’s) try entering the brand name first.

What if I think PhotoCalorie miscalculated my food info?

You can manually edit the nutrition content of your food. Instruction on how to do this are listed here.

How are you calculating the nutrition facts?

We use a sophisticated search algorithm designed to find what we believe to be the best match to your description. Our values are based on the nutrition information available through the United States Department of Agriculture plus countless restaurants and food chains.

You don’t have my favorite food or restaurant in your database.

Please email ( us the missing item and we will track it down and add it to our growing nutrition database.  If you already have the nutrition information that would be a big help – but not necessary.  We’ll let you know when it’s updated.

There is no service where I ate and PhotoCalorie could not connect to the server.

Not to worry, PhotoCalorie will hold your photo in a Queue. When you get into an area with service, PhotoCalorie will automatically load the photos into your journal

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