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Broccoli Man Interviews for PhotoCalorie Spokesperson

October 27th, 2010

We are looking for a PhotoCalorie spokesperson. Someone who is passionate about nutrition, and can get our message out to the masses. Our first interview was with Broccoli man, a 33 year old part-time superhero who enjoys yoga, acai berries, and eating vegetables. When he was a child, his passion was eating broccoli.  His love for vegetables ostracized him from the other coke-drinking-dorito-eating children.

During recess one autumn afternoon, Broccoli man (then known as Ben Barker) was wandering the playground in solitude when he came across something magical. It was a broccoli stalk, golden and glowing. Overcome with excitement, he ate that broccoli in one sitting. Little did Ben know, but that broccoli stalk would change his life forever.

Ben awoke the next morning, covered in green spandex with a broccoli stalk imprinted on his chest. As it turns out, that broccoli stalk was infected with a radioactive strain of salmonella. From that day forward, Broccoli Man acquired the uncanny ability to detect and pinpoint the exact location of unhealthy eaters. Despite his impressive talents, we have received a large number of super-hero applicants, and will decide on one shortly.

Here is a video of Broccoli Man’s interview:

You may have seen Broccoli man in a recent Geico commercial. Due to the poor state of the economy, the demand for super-heros has decreased dramatically, forcing him to settle for promoting car insurance.

Stay tuned for more interviews in our quest to find the right super-hero for the job.

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