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Founder of Monster.com Jeff Taylor on Social Networking

November 12th, 2010

Founder of Monster.com Jeff Taylor was invited to this year’s Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo to give a talk called: “Social Networking: Taking Communications to the Next Level.” An incredibly dynamic, energetic and hilarious presentation about the current state of social media and how it is transforming the way we live and do business.

Below are some notes and pictures I took during the presentation:

The definition of an Entrepreneur: “When you have an idea, and everyone around you thinks you are crazy, and you still act on it, you are an entrepreneur.”

“If you are nervous, you are in danger of learning something.”

Jeff began speaking about the history of Monster.com, and how is began. When he started, there were only 200 other websites in the entire world! Between 1996-2000, 50 million websites were created.

In December 1993, Monster.com released their first superbowl commercial, which turned out to be the 4th worst rated commercial that year. Why was that?!

- After some thinking and asking for feedback, they realized it confused every guy in the country. It is tough for a guy to be ironic, when they are drinking beer and eating pizza.

- They lived through this criticism, and what evolved from it was the courage to start his new company, eons.com, a social networking site for babyboomers.

-He is also a DJ for XM radio, DJ Jeffr Tell

-To celebrate 1 year at his new company eons.com, he wanted to do something exciting. So he decided everyone at the company is going to jump into the ocean together holding hands!

-People asked questions like “Well, what am I going to wear?”; “Do we jump on 3, or do we say 3 and then jump?!”

-Jeff said the meeting the following day was “incredible.”


-376,000 people join each day

-If facebook were a country, it would be the 4th largest in the world

Then he asked everyone to take their shoes off

-Think of an idea with very few rules, like take your shoe off an hold it in the air. Why would people do this?

-Some answers from the crowd: “It’s fun”; “Everyone else was doing it”; “My shoe was double knotted. I couldn’t get it off.”

-This activity was a metaphor for creating new ideas and taking risks. Some people may do it right away, and others may follow in their footsteps “because everyone else was doing it”

-Social media now being adopting by hospitals – some hospitals tweet their waiting room times

-Jeff left us with one final story. He always keeps a notebook next to his bed to try to write down and remember his dreams. One night, we awoke around 3am and jotted something down on his pad. Later that morning, he saw what he had written earlier, and thought it was a great idea; a “monster” idea. So he took it to the local coffee shop, and drafted a plan. Five hours later, he had the blue-print for what would become monster.com.

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