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November 11th, 2009

Welcome to PhotoCalorie.com!

We are very excited about what our application and website can offer to someone wanting to track what foods they are eating. Whether you goal is to lose or gain weight, maintain your current weight, track your calories or saturated fat intake, or just keep a record of what you’ve been eating, we are confident that photocalorie can help you.

In an effort to offer up to date advice on current research in the fields of nutrition and weight control, our nutrition expert will maintain a blog at PhotoCalorie.com updated daily which keeps you informed of the current studies being done as well as a summary of the major findings. This blog can be easily accessed through our PhotoCalorie iPhone application.

Our goal is to provide information and advice based strictly on current findings in scientific literature, and NOT on advice from “Diet Guru’s” who claim to posses the secrets to health and wellness.

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